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Tips For Parents Who Have Kids In Braces

Twenty years ago having braces was more embarrassing than anything else for a child. However, today braces are being seen as a fashion statement with people in Asia even buying prosthetic braces kits to apply at home for fashion reasons only. Although Invisalign does offer clear orthodontic care without the will need for wires, most kids are still wearing traditional metal braces.

While braces come with major benefits, they are quite costly. In fact, the entire spectrum of treatment can cost $3000 or more. In addition, there is a time commitment where parents must bring their kids to numerous adjustment appointments throughout the process of treatment. So, parents aren’t likely to take the idea of braces very lightly. In fact, they are more likely to attempt to help their child take great care of their braces. Parents can use these tips to help teach their kids how to keep their braces properly cared for.

Brushing Is Important With Braces
The first thing to teach your child who is wearing braces is how to brush properly while they’re in them. Even if their brushing skills weren’t great before they were fitted with braces, they have to change it immediately. Instead of only requiring them to brush in the morning and at bedtime, they need to be brushing after they eat anything at all throughout the day.

Because of the have to brush after every meal, it’s likely your child will need to take a toothbrush and paste to school with them to use after lunch. Teachers rarely have a problem with this necessity.

It’s Vital To Floss With Braces
Just because your child has braces doesn’t mean they can skip out on flossing. In fact, flossing is just as important as brushing even when they are wearing braces on their teeth. A good orthodontist will show the child how to floss between the metal to get great results. You’ll want to be there for the lesson so you are able to help them remember what was said when they get home and try to do it for themselves.

What Foods To Avoid With Braces
When your child first gets braces the orthodontist will likely go over a list of foods the child can’t eat which in treatment. As a parent, it’s your job to ensure the child does steer clear of hard candy, sticky foods, gum, sharp foods, ice and other potentially damaging food items.

How To Handle Braces Mouth Abrasions
One of the worst parts of having braces is dealing with mouth abrasions. Mouth sores, ulcers, bites, scrapes and discomfort is part of the braces deal. They are quite common due to the contact the wires have with the sensitive areas of the mouth. To help your child, be sure you always have dental wax on hand to apply to the hardware where the rubbing is occurring.

Get Your Child To The Orthodontist Regularly
Braces change the position of teeth very quickly. Thus, it’s important for the child to be seen at the orthodontist’s office about every six weeks during treatment. Each and every visit they will likely get new wires and bands because without new ones there’s likely very little changing heading on. At these appointments parents and kids can also bring up any problems they’re having with the braces. It’s important for parents to get their children to these appointments!