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The Use and Benefits of Dental Amalgam

The use and benefits of dental amalgam have been controversial in recent years, but the U.S. government has determined that dental amalgam is safe for use in repairing dental cavities.

While the general public has expressed concern over mercury poisoning from dental amalgam, the Centers for Disease Control has officially stated that there is little evidence of nay health risk from the use of dental amalgam.

If dental amalgam is safe, why are dentists using it less often in recent years? The answer is multi-dimensional. Dental cavities are now often treated earlier and are smaller than in past years.

This means that these cavities can be treated with different products that require less maintenance than dental amalgam. Many patients also prefer modern filling materials that are colored to match the tooth enamel, instead of the trademark silver of the dental amalgam.

Use and Benefits of Dental Amalgam

Dental amalgam is used to treat large diameter dental cavities that have partially destroyed the structure of the tooth. It is durable less expensive than other dental treatments. This material is also easily manipulated by the dentist and can be easily repaired if damage to the dental amalgam occurs.

When dental amalgam is used, the patient must agree to adhere to a strict routine of good oral hygiene to help care for the amalgam filling. It is not used when a patient has a known sensitivity or allergy to mercury, a dental amalgam contains a mixture of liquid mercury combined with an alloy powder.

If your dentist determines that a dental filling is necessary, you can safely consider the use of dental amalgam if it is indicated for your condition.

These types of fillings are recommended when patients need multiple fillings at once since dental amalgam is less expensive than other treatments, and can help keep the cost of extensive dental work down to a manageable level. Nearly all dental insurances will cover treatments involving dental amalgam, and is safe for use in patients of all ages.

The use and benefits of dental amalgam is no longer controversial for informed consumers. The FDA has also declared dental amalgam safe for current dental treatments and many patients take their dentist’s advice when a dental amalgam treatment is recommended.

If you have concerns about the use and benefits of dental amalgam, please consult your dentist about his or her views on using this dental treatment.