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Taking your child to the dentist is a scary life event, especially if you have a dental phobia yourself. One way to help ease the anxiety over taking your kids to the pediatric dentists is to come to the appointment prepared.

Having a list of questions that every parent needs to ask about pediatric dentistry can help set your mind at ease and prepare you for taking an active role in the dental health of your child.

Pediatric Dental Questions that Every Parent Needs to Ask

1. When should I begin brushing my baby’s teeth?
2. What types of toothpastes are age appropriate for my child or infant?
3. What can I do if my child doesn’t like to brush or fights having his teeth brushed?
4. When should I begin flossing my baby’s teeth?
5. What type of toothbrush is appropriate for my child?
6. Are battery operated or electric toothbrushes safe for use on baby teeth?
7. What should I do if my child falls asleep for the night before having his teeth brushed?
8. What should I do if my child swallows toothpaste?
9. When should my child begin using fluoride rinse?
10. Are mouthwashes safe for kids?
11. When should my child see the pediatric dentist for the first time?
12. What special training do pediatric dentists have that qualifies them to work with kids?
13. What should I expect at a first visit to the pediatric dentist?
14. How often does my child need to be seen by a pediatric dentist?
15. What types of dental problems are common for kids that are a similar age as my child?
16. What should I do if my child complains of having food stuck between teeth?
17. How do I treat a broken or knocked out tooth until I can get to the pediatric dentist for emergency treatment?
18. Will my child get x-rays at the first pediatric dental visit?
19. Do I need to bring anything to the first pediatric dental visit?
20. Do you offer discounts for services if I don’t’ have dental insurance or if I pay in cash?
21. What foods should my child avoid for better dental health?
22. What are some common pediatric dental care myths?
23. What can I do if my child still sucks a pacifier, fingers, or a thumb?

Coming to your first pediatric dental visit prepared with a list of questions that pertain to your child shows that you are taking an active interest in the good dental health of your child.

It also provides you with the necessary information you need to give your child a head start on a healthy mouth.

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