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Cavity Free Club

We want to give extra recognition to the Great Grins KIDS who are doing a stellar job in taking care of their teeth and remaining cavity free!

If your child has a cavity-free check up, they will become a member of the Cavity Free Club! We will give them a certificate and enter their name in a drawing for some extra special prizes.

At the end of each month we hold a drawing. The winner of the drawing will not only get a special prize, but their picture will be featured on our Facebook in our Cavity Free Album!

If your child has a cavity at your visit – don't worry! Once Dr. Fariba Mutschler or Dr. Mark Mutschler has taken care of them, they will be once again Cavity Free and eligible for the Cavity Free Club!
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Children, Adolescents and Special Needs Patients
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911 Main Street
Suite 140
Oregon City, OR 97045
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