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Invisible Braces
Posted on 11/15/2015 by Fariba Mutschler
Braces do not have to be rough and metal colored. Invisalign makes braces that slip over your teeth smoother than Cinderella's glass slippers, and even clearer.

The basic idea is that a thin clear plastic coating can be formed to cover your teeth is such a way as to gently push them straighter. If you wear a whole series of these clear plastic coatings (trays) in a particular order, then your teeth get progressively straighter until you are happy with them.

Great Grins for KIDS provides these Invisalign braces for adolescents. Call us at either our East Portland office or our Oregon City office to find out more about them.

Usually, all the permanent teeth except the wisdom teeth should be fully in before this type of braces can be used. Invisalign trays are particularly useful for closing gaps between teeth and aligning teeth that are a bit crowded in the front but fit well in the back.

More creative users of Invisalign braces have used them to align very crowded teeth and to correct overbites.

Although clear plastic coverings have been used for many years to move teeth, it was very time consuming to make each tray on plaster models.

When Invisalign first developed a way to economically make a series of trays of unlimited numbers, the orthodontic community was very doubtful that they could work as well as traditional braces.

Although there are some tooth movements that cannot be accomplished using the Invisalign trays alone, most orthodontists now recognize that Invisalign braces have a part to play in modern orthodontic care.

Because we work only with children and adolescents, we started using Invisalign braces in 1999 at our East Portland office just as soon as they were recommended for use in teens.

Before that time, they were only recommended for adults because it was believed that the longer tooth length of adults was necessary for proper Invisalign use.

We have been very successful using them in teens and not long ago, Invisalign introduced an aligner tray series with specific modifications for teen use.

One of the best aspects of clear Invisalign aligners is that they can easily be removed so it is much easier to clean your teeth than with traditional braces.

We have many teens that struggle with keeping their traditional braces clean but this is almost never a problem when Invisalign aligners are used.
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