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5 Tips for Caring for Braces and Other Orthodontic Devices

Finding reliable tips for caring for braces and other orthodontic devices starts with visiting your orthodontist.

Even if you hear about a tip or trick for caring for braces and orthodontic devices from a reliable source, such as another person with braces or orthodontic devices, you should still check with your orthodontist before trying our anything new.

With that in mind, here are a few tips for caring braces and other orthodontic devices.

1. To freshen up removable orthodontic devices, such as non-permanent retainers, soak them for a few hours in a denture cleaner, like Efferdent. This treatment helps remove plaque and stubborn odors that can build up on the devices. Be sure to brush and rinse the device thoroughly before reinserting it. Never use hot water on your orthodontic devices.

2. Carry a storage container with you for your removable orthodontic device. Keeping a storage case handy removes the temptation to wrap your removable orthodontic device in a napkin while eating, which can lead to a lost device or a smelly search through the industrial garbage bin to retrieve a tossed out retainer.

3. Use dental wax to relieve pressure and sore spots caused by your shifting braces. Braces can rub and poke soft mouth tissues, and moldable dental wax can help protect your moth from the painful protrusion of metal or ceramic that injures your mouth while your teeth adjust to new braces and fittings. Be sure to always wear a removable mouth guard during any physical activity where you could trip, fall, or be struck in the mouth during play.

4. Flossing can be especially difficult with braces. Carry dental floss and small bristle brushes with you at all times to help remove food particles lodged in your braces. Not only are these leftover food particles unsightly, but they can lead to bad breath and tooth decay as well.

5. Oragel, found in the baby and infant care department, can be used to relieve oral pain from braces and orthodontic devices. Have a wire poking your gum? Broken a bracket and it’s rubbing your check? Oragel to the rescue! Be sure to have your orthodontic device refitted any time you gain or lose weight, as this can impair the effectiveness of your orthodontics. Ill-fitting orthodontic devices can lead to injuries in the soft tissues of the mouth.