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We Give Kids

Fun Great Grins!


  • We = our staff

  • Give = provide

  • Kids = children

  • Fun = enjoyable

  • Great = healthy and beautiful

  • Grins = smiles

Oregon City & SE Portland Dentists JUST for Kids

Our practice is exclusively pediatric, and we will provide your children with a lifetime of healthy teeth and beautiful smiles. Many adults wish they’d taken better care of their teeth as children, and as pediatric dentists we know how important it is to help your children understand that, and we look forward to serving your children!  Phone us or request your appointment date / time



We have hundreds of satisfied parents here in Portland and in Oregon City, and referrals are the lifeblood of …

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Sometimes things can happen to a childs teeth that can be pretty scary. When addressed quickly enough…

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We provide dental care for kids from pre-teething age up to 18 years old, and have been practicing since 1996….

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We offer traditional braces, and these Invisalign products, which kids and parents both love. Contrary to popu…

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